Product Lines

Prospect Street Jewellery

If you are looking for a line that has lots of repeat sales this is great one.  Stackin Stones, My Journey Locket and Boheme Betty.  

Chala Handbags

Top Quality 100% Vegan faux Leather and Canvas Cotton.  These purses have details and colors that give each one unique character.  Beautifully crafted!! 


If you have ever used a bath bomb you will be amazed at the scent of these ones and they put on a fantastic show of multi colors while fizzing.  Truly unique in color and performance!!

Product Lines

Candle Warmers

The ultimate in fragrance warmers.  From Warming Lamps to Diffusers Candle Warmers has the fragrance warmer for you.  A great combination of fragrance and home decor in one.

Imagine Design

Inspirational and Witty product produced by Individuals with Barriers to employment.

Beer Greetings

Say Thanks with a six pack. Or whatever else you want to say in this fun way.  

Product Lines

Blossom Bucket

A line that has evolved over the years to now include beautiful Home decor.  But dont worry the tried and true inspirational messages are still available and blended into wonderful concepts.

Thompson Candles

Super Scented Fragrance in all the favorites.  From Candles to crumbles this line has it all and a great displayer to showcase it in your store.

CQ Products

Coloring Books, Journals and Cookbooks to cover just about everything.  This line has some must have concepts with easy display set ups.

Product Lines

Journals Unlimited

So much more than a blank journal.  These journals are prompted with guides of what to write in your journal.  Making journaling fun and easy.  There are many, many titles to choose from.  

Toland Home and Garden

Make your outdoor living space even more beautiful with Flags, Mats and accessories.  Toland has the best variety of images available.

Bonitas International

No one wants to wear those plain ribbon badge holders!!  Get one that says something about your taste as an individual.  Get one with Flair!!  This is where fashion and function work together.

Product Lines

Scent Chips

 A fun and interactive way to engage your customers as they choose their scents and create their blend of aromas.  Customers will love it!!

Cheers Sunglasses

Do Twist off caps hurt your hands?  No problem!! Use your Cheers Sunglasses.  Sunglasses with a bottle opener built in.  Fashionable, Functional and Thirst Quenching.  You cant beat that!!

Coming Soon

We are always working on new and innovative lines.

Product Lines


A great line to customize for your area.  You can take a picture of a landmark and make as few as 12 pieces with that image.

Outdoor Hands

Canadian Winters are hard on your skin.  Try this hand cream you will love it.  And it was developed by a Pharmasist.

Coming Soon

Check back soon!!