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    Rain Jewelry Collection

    If you are looking for a new jewelry line this one is a great mid-priced, quality line!  Not to mention the variety of pieces is outstanding!!  

    Chala Handbags

    Top Quality 100% Vegan faux Leather and Canvas Cotton.  These purses have details and colors that give each one unique character.  Beautifully crafted!! 

    Serene House

    This company has been producing Diffusers for years.  They have it figured out!!  Lots of trendy options and the quality is superb! Whether it is for the home, the office or the car they have a diffuser for you!

    Product Lines

    Wine Glass Writers

    Forget the wine charms! Doodle your name on your wine glass and you know it's yours!  Smudge proof and washable!  Writes on any glass or ceramic giving them Lots of other uses too like marking dip bowls for people with allergies.

    Doodle Pants

    These are SUPER CUTE!!  The colors and designs are fantastic and they are really irresistable.  The quality is the best on the market.

    Enjoy It!

    Fun twist on car stickers!  Lots of styles to choose from and air freshners too!  Something for everyone!!

    Product Lines

    Chelsea Taylor

    This stackable bracelet line is high quality, comfortable and comes in numerous sayings!!  Not to mention the patented closure!  It is a gift for all ages and unisex.  Now that is hard to find!!

    Thompson Candles

    Super Scented Fragrance in all the favorites.  From Candles to crumbles this line has it all.  Try the best selling Scent Station Display!! Your Customers will love it.

    CQ Products

    Coloring Books, Journals and Cookbooks to cover just about everything.  This line has some must have concepts with easy display set ups.  Cookbooks have great recipes and pictures!!

    Product Lines

    Journals Unlimited

    So much more than a blank journal.  These journals are prompted with guides of what to write in your journal.  Making journaling fun and easy.  There are many, many titles to choose from.  

    CMC Designs

    This product is the best!  Great mini backpack that can be carried many ways and holds lots!  So many uses!!  And customizable medallion can be made just for you!

    Bonitas International

    No one wants to wear those plain ribbon badge holders!!  Get one that says something about your taste as an individual.  Get one with Flair!!  This is where fashion and function work together.

    Product Lines

    Kraft Klub

     This line has lots of enamelware and galvanized containers.  Enamelware is all waterproof!!  Many colors and styles to choose from!!

    Direct International

    Lots of great Country and Garden products at great prices!!  Full range of seasonal as well.  Always something new here!! 

    Coming Soon

    We are always working on new and innovative lines.

    Product Lines


    A great line of nightlights to customize for your area.  You can take a picture of a landmark and make as few as 12 pieces with that image.

    Outdoor Hands

    Canadian Winters are hard on your skin! And hard working hands need this Skin Therapy.  Try this hand cream you will love it.  And it was developed by a Pharmasist.  Retailers that carry this reorder often!

    Coming Soon

    Check back soon!!